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Know that Grandma is well

The Reach set-top box turns any TV into a smart device that works for dementia patients.

Get your senior's health, activity and location information.
Have video calls, shared moments, exercises, and pill reminders for seniors on any TV.

Designed for seniors with different needs

For seniors with  cognitive challenges

Reach can be used by people with mild to medium forms of Dementia including Alzheimer's.
The Reach functionality can help with the day to day and the progress of the disease.

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For seniors with problems related to sight or hearing

When Reach is used in combination with a big screen TV, it is specifically useful for seniors who are suffering from hearing loss or have limited eyesight.

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Any TV can be a Senior-friendly smart device

Reach Family Connect turns your seniors TV into a smart device which can be used by seniors with different forms of Dementia such as Alzheimer's. The user interface is specifically designed and is based on cards. Each card represents an action, and by placing a card on the reader the app is launched on the TV.
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It comes with four components. Just plug the set-top box into the HDMI port of your TV and place a card on the card reader to run the app that is on the card.

The set-top box

The box is set up in minutes. Just plug it into the HDMI port of the TV.

All configuration and troubleshooting can be done remotely on the family app.


The cards

Each card represents one action, like a video call or an exercise.

Just place the card on the reader and the app will be launched on the TV.


The card reader

The reader should be placed near the user - on the coffee table for example.

It is the where the cards a re placed to execute any action on the TV.


The GPS tracking band

The GPS band collects the location and health information.

This information is displayed on the Family app by the family members.

You can talk through band directly.


A GPS tracker that she/he will use and charge


Reach includes a GPS and health tracker for seniors, so you can know through the Family app that Grandma is OK.

Additionally the band has an emergency button that can be activated  by the senior and will call you directly.

Grandma will be reminded through the TV application to charge and put the tracker back on, so it will be there when it is needed.


A user interface, designed for seniors


The Reach User interface is designed to be suitable for seniors with different types of dementia, such as Alzheimer's.
To start a function just place the correspondent card on the reader and it will be launched on the TV.

A card for everything that does Grandpa good

The Reach Family Cards are at the center of the solution. They activate all the functions on the senior's TV and can be used by great variety of people, including people with cognitive challenges.

Cards can be easily ordered and configured through the family app. They will be sent directly to your senior.


Cards to connect to your loved ones

Social contacts are key for people with dementia. With the call cards they can initiate a video call. Your senior only has to place the card of the person that he/she wants to reach on the device.

A hustle-free video call will be initiated through the TV set.

Cards for moments and memories

Recalling old and recent memories have shown to have a positive impact on dementia patients.

Share your current and past photos, videos, and memories with your seniors. They will be able to see them by just placing a photo/video card on the reader.


Cards to track how Grandma is doing

Track the location, steps, heart rate, and overall activity of your seniors.

They´ll be able to see how active they have been and get reminders to get moving, and you´ll get notifications through the family app.

Cards for movement therapy

Age appropriate exercises and movement therapy has shown to have a positive impact on seniors  especially those affected by dementia.

Choose between different types of exercises and movement therapy and keep grandma active and moving.


Cards for memory therapy

Recalling old memories, through music from their youth, old photos and videos has shown to have a positive impact on patients with dementia.

Collect and create memories for your senior and have them access them at any time with a memory card.

Know Grandpa is well through the Family app

The Reach Family app learns from your senior's behavior notifies you when something unusual happens so you can check-in.
Especially useful for seniors with dementia is the GPS function of the smart band. This way you can know through the family app if Grandpa or Grandma has been out of the house for very long or is at a location that is not usual for him/her.


Check the senior's health stats, like steps, heart rate, etc.


Notification of  something unusual happening


Upload your family photos and videos to share.

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Reminds you to video call Grandpa/ma. Particularly if he/she didn't have a call in a longer period with time any family member.

Remote trouble shooting. Configure the set-top box from the family app.

What can I do?

The children of the seniors with dementia benefit from Reach by:

Be there in case of distress or emergency
Your senior can send a distress call directly through his GPS band with the tap of one button to a family members phone, in case of emergency.


Locate Grandma/ Grandpa through their GPS band
In case something is wrong you can easily locate your senior through the family app.
You can even call him/her on her smart band through the app.


Have video calls with Grandma
Call, or get called to see how he/she is doing and enjoy a closer connection that you would get from a phone call.


Get notified if something unusual is happening
Your senior automatically checks in with Reach, when he/she performs an activity or enters/leaves the house. Reach analyses those patterns and lets you know when something unusual is happening.


Stay in the know about your seniors activity and health
See activity, steps and heart rate and get notified when something needs your attention.


Let them be part of your life
Share family updates through photos and videos with Grandma.
She´ll be able to see them directly on her TV.

Know they are exercising
Get notified when Grandpa does his exercises.
Remind him when he doesn't.


Call reminders
Life is busy, we get that.
That's why the family app reminds all family members to call Grandpa, especially when he hasn't received a call in a while


Simple troubleshooting
We have given an extra amount of thought into making Reach very robust and easy to use.
In case something doesn't work, any family member can configure the device remotely through the family app.


Seniors with dementia use Reach for:

Call for help when they are lost or in distress
The GPS tracker has a built in SOS button that can be activated by the senior at any time and calls a designated number for assistance.


Be located by the family at all times
The family can see through the family app where the senior is located while he/she is wearing the GPS band.

Tracking your health and sharing how you are doing with your family
Track your activity, steps and heart rate and see how you have been doing on the TV.
Share this information with your family to let them know you are alright.


Be part of the lives of your loved ones
Enjoy the family updates with photos and videos and be up to date of what is happening in the lives of your family members.

Video calls with the family on the TV
Constant interaction is key for people with dementia.
Get a closer connection that you would get from a phone call.


Get the support you need
We have given an extra amount of thought into making Reach very robust and easy to use.
In case something doesn't work, any family member can configure the device remotely through the family app.

Do exercises that are specific, age-apropriate and suited for different conditions.

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Get notified about unusual activities

The Reach band tracks Grandma/pa's activity and lets us know when something unusual happens that might indicate some sort of emergency, so you can take action.

Unusual activities include not checking in at home for a longer time, more or less activity.

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Feel closer to your seniors than with a phone call

Video calls transmit more than a phone call can. Your loved ones see you on the big screen and feel closer to you when you can´t be around.

72% of users report reduced feelings of loneliness compared to just phone calls.

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Seniors engage in activities that do them good

 Moderate movement and exercise have been shown to provide increased health benefits to seniors.

Having access to their loved one's videos and photos brings families closer. 



“I'm feeling closer to my mother. We can have video calls everyday instead of just phone calls.”

Super simple setup

Christine Reinert

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Know that Grandpa is well

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