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Know that Grandma is well

The Reach set-top box turns any TV into a senior-friendly smart device.
Video calls, shared moments, exercises, and shared health tracking for seniors, especially if they are not into technology.


Any TV can be a Senior-friendly smart device

Reach Family Connect comes with four components. Just plug the set-top box into the HDMI port of your TV and place a card on the card reader to run the app that is on the card.


The set-top box


The reader


The cards


The tracker


Extremely simple user interface


The Reach User interface is designed to be extremely simple.


To start a function just place the correspondent card on the reader and it will be launched on the TV.

Young and Old Hands

Designed for seniors with different needs

The Reach card interface is specifically designed so it can be used by a wide range of seniors with different conditions and inclinations, such as:

  • Are not into technology and don't use smartphones or tablets.

  • Are suffering from mild Dementia or Alzheimer's.

  • Are suffering from Parkinson's.

  • Have reduced motor skills.

When Reach is used in combination with a big TV, Reach can be used by seniors who:

  • Are suffering from hearing loss.

  • Have limited eyesight.

Know Grandpa is well through the Family app

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The Reach Family app learns from your senior's behavior notifies you when something unusual happens so you can check-in.

Additionally, the Reach Family App lets family members:

  • Check the senior's health stats, like steps, heart rate, etc.

  • Upload your family photos and videos to share.

  • Remind you to video call Grandpa/ma. Particularly if he/she didn't have a call in a longer period with time any family member.


Seniors use Reach to:


Make and receive video calls through their TV.


Track their health information, like steps and heart rate on the TV.


See photos and videos shared by their loved ones.


Do specific Exercises that are Age-appropriate and suited for their condition.

Their children benefit from Reach by being able to:


Have video calls with their Grandparents.


See their grandparents health information on their family app.


Share photos and videos with their Grandparents.


Know if their Grandparents are doing their exercises.

What can I do?

Cards to connect to your loved ones

To initiate a video call your senior only has to place the card of the person that he/she wants to reach on the device.

A hustle-free video call will be initiated through the TV set.

A card for everything that does Grandpa good

The Reach Family Cards are at the center of the solution. They activate all the functions on the senior's TV and can be used by any person even if he is not into technology or has hearing, seeing, motor or cognitive challenges.


Cards for moments and memories

Share your photos, videos, and memories with your seniors. They will be able to see them by just placing a photo/video card on the reader.


Cards to track how Grandma is doing

Track the steps, heart rate, and overall activity of your seniors.

They´ll be able to see how active they have been and get reminders to get moving, and you´ll get notifications through the family app.


Cards to get you going and cards to relax

Get your motor running and stay fit with age-appropriate exercises.

Wind down with relaxation routines.

Feel closer to your seniors than with a phone call

Video calls transmit more than a phone call can. Your loved ones see you on the big screen and feel closer to you when you can´t be around.

72% of users report reduced feelings of loneliness compared to just phone calls.

Seniors engage in activities that do them good

 Moderate movement and exercise have been shown to provide increased health benefits to seniors.

Having access to their loved one's videos and photos brings families closer. 

Get notified about unusual activities

The Reach band tracks Grandma/pa's activity and lets us know when something unusual happens that might indicate some sort of emergency, so you can take action.

Unusual activities include not checking in at home for a longer time, more or less activity.



Connect dongle to TV

Simply plug in the Reach Family connect dongle on the HDMI port of your existing TV. 

Place the wireless card reader near the person using it.

pair (1).png

Pair with family member's phone

Any configuration or troubleshooting can be done remotely through the family app.


Setup WIFi or 4G

Reach Family Connect runs on your existing WIFI network or optionally on 4G.

Super simple setup



“I'm feeling closer to my mother. We can have video calls everyday instead of just phone calls.”

Super simple setup

Christine Reinert

Senior Woman
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Know that Grandma is well

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