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Have Grandpa close

Know he is doing all right,
especially if he isn´t into technology.

Connect through a standard TV

Simply place a Family Connect card on the Reach card reader and have all the benefits on your standard TV.


Cards to connect you to your loved ones

To initiate a video call your senior only has to place the card of the person that she wants to reach on the device.

A hustle free video call will be initiated through the TV set.

Cards for moments and memories

Share your photos and videos and memories with your seniors. They will be able to see them by just placing  a card on the reader.


Cards to get you going and cards to relax

Get your motor running and stay fit with age-appropriate exercises. Wind down with relaxation routines.

Feel closer to your seniors than with a phone call

Video calls transmit more than a phone call can. Your loved ones see you on the big screen and feel closer to you when you can´t be around.

Seniors connect to their family via a standard TV

 The TV is a device that is very familiar to most senior citizens. Unlike tablets or mobile phones for seniors, it offers the least barriers to usage.

Combat the feeling of loneliness

72% of users report reduced feelings of loneliness compared to just phonecalls.



Connect dongle to TV

Simply plug in the Reach Family connect dongle on the HDMI port of your existing TV. 

Place the wireless card reader near the person using it.

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Pair with family member's phone

Any configuration or troubleshooting can be done remotely through the family app.


Setup WIFi or 4G

Reach Family Connect runs on your existing WIFI network or optionally on 4G.

Super simple setup


“I'm feeling closer to my mother. We can have video calls everyday instead of just phone calls.”

Super simple setup

Christine Reinert

Mother and Daughter
Reach Logo.png

Have Grandma close

Notify me with the launch date

We´ll notify you with the launch date!

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